What is GameSwift?

GameSwift is a one-stop ecosystem enabling gamers to play web3 games with one click and without blockchain know-how.

With GameSwift you can discover your favourite on-chain game, download and smoothly launch it. Then since you play the game, whatever you earn will be securely stored on your personal GameSwift account. You don't need to download a wallet, store your private keys or adjust the blockchain network. Gameswift's built-in wallet does all the hard job for you!

GameSwift acts also as your personal gaming hub where you check how many hours you played, or keep track of your digital assets like NFTs or crypto tokens you earned. Your in-game achievements will be well recorded and visualized. What's more you can compare your profile and achievements with your friend's list which helps you to communicate with each other and build your dream in-game team.

Onboarding experience:

→ blockchain familiarity: not needed!

→ installing additional extensions: not needed!

→ navigating across different chains and bridges: not needed!

Customer Flow:

→ one-click login - use your Google Account, or Apple ID to log in and access the game

→ seamless experience - intuitively discover, download and launch your favourite blockchain game

→ built-in wallet - all web3 assets including tokens or NFTs earned in-game are securely stored on your GameSwift Account

→ cash out - you can easily pay out any in-game web3 asset with one click - we do all the hard work for you!

Security and Asset Management:

→ you are free to choose whether you want to store your assets on your GameSwift Account or on your own wallet

→ you can easily view and manage your gaming assets across different blockchains

→ you don't need to cover any gas fees

→ you don't need to store or worry about losing your private keys

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