GameSwift Chain

GameSwift Chain is a gaming-customized, highly scalable blockchain network built on top of the cutting-edge Polygon Edge technology.

This solution lays the perfect foundations for the blockchain gaming revolution ensured by the interoperability of the upcoming GameSwift web3 infrastructure products, as well as the optimization of our special battle-tested nodes aimed at exponentially increasing the transaction speed and gas efficiency while simultaneously taking advantage of the perks related to the Polygon technology and ecosystem itself.

These include not only renowned security of the Matic Network and the expandability of the chain into the zero-knowledge proof Layer 2 solution (zkEVM), but also a strategic collaboration with Polygon Studios, which is a web3 gaming/metaverse oriented department specializing in both supporting promising blockchain projects at their early stage of development, and facilitating smooth onboarding of traditional tech, media, and fashion giants (Meta, Disney, Adidas, Prada and many other top tier enterprises actively exploring this possibility) into the web3 space.

All of this gives us strong arguments to make the blockchain gaming world easily accessible for all users and developers, even those who have just discovered the web3 world!

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