Most of our Team members worked in StarTerra before the Terra Blockchain collapse. We’re very proud of this project as it was one of the most successful in the whole Ecosystem. To briefly summarize, StarTerra was the first and biggest gamified launchpad in the Terra Ecosystem with:

  • An outstanding STT token launch success, which yielded over x75 on ATH and pertormed very well (on average 30x) for the remaining 8 months of the trading despite bearish market conditions and relatively quick vesting releases.

  • Delivered 20 oversubscribed IDOs with over $21 million raised and very huge participation (4,000-5,000 IDO registrants, 6,300 ATH).

  • Worldwide Engaged community, with nearly 120,000 followers on Twitter, around 36,000 unique KYC-ed users, over 50,000 Telegram group members, and 90,000 Newsletter subscribers.

  • Multiple innovative solutions implemented, such as Gamified Tier System, IDO Leaderboards, Multiplanetary Farming, Regular Buybacks, and Diamond Hands Program.

Thanks to this valuable experience and the amount of human potential and interdisciplinary competencies we’ve gathered within the team, we’re now very motivated to deliver a more comprehensive product, which in our perception, is the next stage of StarTerra’s evolution.

At the same time, with our very large and established community, we feel confident about the demand for the solutions we want to deliver. As nearly 5,000 StarTerra community members have already declared to join the GameSwift Ecosystem, we’re not worried about the popularity of our products and the future number of the chain’s active users.

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