Accessibility to Web3 Games

Worldwide gamers are unfamiliar with blockchain technology. The necessity of using crypto wallets, navigating around different chains, and covering gas fees poses a massive barrier to entry, limiting the massive adoption of web3 games.

  • Gamers also have trouble understanding which crypto technologies support certain gaming products. In order to get access to a game, it is necessary to perform multiple complicated actions, including fiat currency transfer to a centralized exchange market, KYC verification, fiat currency to target token exchange, connecting web3 wallet with the game, and creating a game account.

  • Finding a game that matches individual preferences takes a lot of time and involves broad research. Gamers experience trouble browsing multiple platforms to find, download, and run a game of their liking.

  • Exchanging gaming assets and tokens between different chains takes a lot of time and effort which effectively discourages players from testing and trying other games.

Security Concerns

  • Gamers are reluctant to add their credentials and credit card access to a platform due to the low reputation of blockchain and crypto-related products.

  • It’s time-consuming for gamers to master cross-chain transfers and efficiently manage their in-game rewards on different wallets, as it requires using multiple platforms and software applications for each one of them, and therefore securing multiple passwords and seed phrases which is also very risk-prone.

  • Gamers need to research and master various exchange markets to be able to cash in/out fiat currency which is a complicated task and requires time and focus.


The current state of web3 gaming infrastructure is not allowing gaming studios to scale for the massive non-crypto users. The main reason for that is a very high barieer of entry. Gamers willing to play web3 games need not only find out how to use crypto wallets but also invest in digital assets (ETH, BNB, MATIC etc.) in order to cover transaction fees. According to numerous data, most of gamers are not professional investors so they shouldn't be required to invest in volotaile assets just to gain access to the game.

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