GameSwift SDK

Currently, Web3 Game Developers spend enormous amounts of time and effort on building and integrating the blockchain components of their projects. This distracts them from what really matters: creating an amazing and enjoyable gaming experience for their users built around the principles of bringing digital ownership to players in a truly decentralized and DAO Governed environment.

Our GameSwift SDK enables developers to implement the web3 layer to their games very smoothly. Thanks to this feature, developers are not required anymore to learn new blockchain-specific programming languages to use them thereafter to deploy security-critical applications. With GameSwift SDK all of the necessary Web3 tools become easily accessible through our specially optimized API-based technical environment. These include such powerful features as Unreal and Unity Game Engine Connector, Easy User Log-in and Gaming Profile Access [GameSwift ID], Advanced Analytics Access [GameSwift Analytics], Token and NFT Deployer [GameSwift Platform], and Game Installing, Updating and Launching Application [GameSwift Launcher] with undoubtedly many more to release in future!

With all of these comprehensive tools on board, Game Developers who decide to collaborate with us will not have to worry about the time-consuming web3 integrations and, thus, will be able to fully focus on creating their products, while being provided with a full-fledged blockchain product infrastructure.

Combined with the APIs, GameSwift SDK will allow partners to implement all relevant Web3 integrations in hours rather than weeks or even months.

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