GameSwift Analytics

GameSwift Analytics is a cross-chain gaming data analytical solution which provides unique services needed to skyrocket your project’s results. This is a comprehensive product designed to cater to Web3 protocols such as game studios and gaming guilds whose aim is to dig deeper into their projects’ data to make it grow faster. On top of that, GameSwift Analytics will also enable players to extract personal statistics gathered from different games and on-chain activities so they can share them with other users or entities such as gaming guilds or eSports clans as proof of their gaming achievements and skills (Gaming CV).

Benefits for game studios:

  • Extrapolate the Player Retention rate within the game.

  • Identify players' habits and preferences.

  • Counteract detrimental activities such as cheating, account farming or smurfing.

Benefits for guilds:

  • Identify top player performance or preferences regarding playstyle or game genre.

  • Analyze teamplay performance to select the best possible squads.

  • Leverage player gaming assets to better assign them to specific contests.

Benefits for players:

  • Analyze personal statistics and dive deeper into the game-specific individual accomplishments and deficiencies.

  • Earn your Gaming Prestige and become respected among various gaming communities.

  • Build your own Gaming CV and share it with Gaming Guilds and eSports Clans.

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