GameSwift Pay

As the gaming industry continues to grow, the line between the real-world and the gaming world is becoming increasingly blurred. People are more engaged with games than ever before, and the demand for new and immersive gaming experiences is at an all-time high.

At GameSwift, we believe that gaming should not be limited to just entertainment. Our vision is to create a world where gamers can use the digital items they earn in games as a form of currency to pay for their everyday expenses, such as shopping and paying bills.

To achieve this vision, we have developed GameSwift Pay - a debit card that allows gamers to easily convert their in-game items into dollars, which can then be used to make purchases in the real world. With GameSwift Pay, we aim to bridge the gap between the gaming world and the real world, making it easier for gamers to fully embrace and enjoy their passion for gaming.

At the core of GameSwift Pay is our proprietary technology that enables gamers to easily monetize and cash out their in-game assets. Our technology presents these in-game digital assets (NFTs or standard tokens) to gamers as part of their game inventory on our user-friendly dashboard, along with information about the value of each item. Gamers can then choose to cash out their assets with just a single click, converting them into dollars on their GameSwift Pay debit card.

In the background, our technology handles all the technical details, including covering gas fees and bridging the assets to exchanges or marketplaces for conversion. We're deducting them from the final amount transferred to your card. We also utilize "zero-knowledge proof" technology during the off-ramping process, which enables the conversion of crypto assets to fiat while keeping your on-chain history private. This means that financial institutions do not have access to your wallet address, but can still process the transaction based on proof of ownership of the specific token.

We are confident that GameSwift Pay is the solution that the gaming industry has been waiting for, and we believe that it has the potential to revolutionize the way gamers engage with and monetize their hobby. We are excited to bring this innovative product to market and offer it to gamers everywhere.

Overall, our technology makes it easy for gamers to monetize and spend their in-game assets in the real world, without the need for any blockchain know-how. We believe that technology should serve the user, not act as a limitation, and that is exactly what we have created with GameSwift Pay.

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