GameSwift ID

GameSwift ID is a flagship infrastructural product of our ecosystem, which enables users to create their own Web3 Gaming Identity and easily log in to their favourite games with one account and one set of credentials instead of using various wallets, chains, and networks.

By creating your GameSwift ID, you’ll have access to a unique Gaming Profile with all your gaming achievements, statistics, and assets (including NFTs), no matter the chain or the game they originate from. All of these in one place, fully interoperable.

This is all possible thanks to our innovative approach to the concept of “Interoperability of Data”, which is supported by the multichain compatibility of our Built-in Wallet with major Web3 wallets, including MetaMask, Phantom, and Trust Wallet. Our take on this subject is 100% decentralized-oriented, meaning that the wallet is non-custodial, providing users with complete control over their assets and private keys.

On top of that, with the impending integration of our Gaming Platform, many more amazing features of GameSwift ID will be unlocked. This will take your gaming experience to another level by providing advanced SocialFI Interaction Tools with seamless access to various high-quality games and a robust library of aggregated data about them. As we’re measuring high with GameSwift ID, our ultimate goal is to establish the most significant Web3 gamers’ database in the crypto space!

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