GameSwift Platform

Your on-chain gaming center

The vision behind creating the GameSwift Platform was to establish a gaming center in our ecosystem. This solution will basically combine a multitude of GameSwift features and connect the functionalities of our products in one place while simultaneously adding many more on top of that!

As a result, our users will be easily able to log into the platform with their GameSwift ID, analyze their personal statistics gathered by GameSwift Analytics, interact with each other through the GameSwift Chat tool, choose their preferred product in the expanded Game Library, and finally smoothly launch the game on their device through GameSwift Launcher.

Furthermore, GameSwift Platform will also provide users with next-gen launchpad offerings, including INOs (Initial NFT Offerings) and IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) used to launch genesis game NFTs and gaming tokens, respectively. Through the competencies gathered within the GameSwift Studio Team and our strategic collaboration with Polygon Studios, we’re motivated to provide the best offer for the newly-launching protocols in the whole blockchain space.

On top of that, to close the loop and ensure a full range of services for users and projects regarding token and NFT lifecycle management, our Product Ecosystem will also include an advanced native Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and NFT Marketplace to facilitate the trading of the project tokens and gaming assets (including NFTs).

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