Other Products

GameSwift Bridge

As an extensible cross-chain communication bridge, GameSwift Bridge will help you transfer funds, and other digital assets, between EVM and Substrate chains without using any additional platforms. To fully realize the interoperable vision of our ecosystem, this solution will make transferring funds as easy as possible and, therefore, more accessible to a much larger community of users.

GameSwift ID Extension

It is a lightweight, easy-to-use browser extension of GameSwift ID and its Built-in Wallet that can be used, for instance, for WebGL blockchain games and different dApps. It will provide cross-platform possibilities and easy integration with on-ramp solutions.

GameSwift Launcher

This product is a necessary part of our Gaming Platform, allowing you to store and easily enter your favorite web3 games. It’s a simple yet convenient solution for all gamers - you just enter the launcher, pick a blockchain game of choice, and play! In the meantime, the app is making sure that all of the available games are in the latest version each time you launch them.

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